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Have you ever wanted to allow your users to download a post or page on your website in docx format at the click of a button? How about taking that a step further to enable Gravity Forms form confirmations to be downloadable as docx files? The GM HTML to DOCX plugin for WordPress introduces a streamlined way to transform your website’s posts, pages, and even dynamic form confirmations into downloadable docx documents, enriching your site’s functionality and user experience. You can download post and page content as docx files with GM HTML to DOCX alone, and download persistent and secure form confirmations as docx files when coupling GM HTML to DOCX with GravityWiz’s Post Content Merge Tags plugin (sold separately by GravityWiz).

Core features and functionality

GM HTML to DOCX stands out for its simplicity in converting web content into well-formatted Word/docx documents. By embedding a simple shortcode into your post or page content, upon clicking a download link the plugin instantly generates a docx file, making it accessible for offline use, sharing, or further editing.

Formatting integrity

The plugin endeavours to ensure that the formatting of your content is maintained during the conversion. It accurately maps HTML elements such as headings, paragraphs, and ordered and unordered lists to corresponding styles in the Word document, allowing for a smooth transition from web (HTML) to document (docx) format.

Hierarchical numbering

For users requiring more complex document structures, such as those in legal, academic, or research fields, GM HTML to DOCX supports hierarchical numbering. This feature enables the creation of documents with four defined numbering levels, which people often require when producing, for example, automated or semi-automated reports or legal documents. (To see the hierarchical numbering on the front end and in the WordPress editors and Gravity Forms rich text paragraph field, be sure to grab GM Numbering as well.)

Expanding capabilities with Gravity Forms and GravityWiz

The true power of GM HTML to DOCX is unlocked when combined with Gravity Forms and the GravityWiz Post Content Merge Tags plugin. This allows for the automation of document outputs based on a user’s form entries.

Automating document creation

Using Gravity Forms, you can design forms to capture any information needed from your users to automate a documentary output, and with GravityWiz’s Post Content Merge Tags, this data can dynamically populate a persistent and secure confirmation page, which GM HTML to DOCX can then convert into a customised and automated docx download. This process not only automates document creation but also personalises it according to the user’s input, offering limitless possibilities for customised content delivery. You can use standard Gravity Forms merge tags to populate placeholders in template content on your persistent confirmation page and Gravity Forms conditional merge tags to include or exclude content depending on what a person has entered in the form.

Use cases

As with GM Templated DOCX, the use cases for GM HTML to DOCX are vast. To give just a few examples:

  • WordPress users who want to enable readers to download post or page content for further use and editing can do that through the quick insertion of a shortcode
  • lawyers can use it to streamline the generation of draft legal documents, such as website terms of use and privacy statements, tailored to client inputs
  • businesses can use it to produce bespoke reports based on customer input, and
  • educators can use it to automate the creation of study materials or assignments that adjust based on student input.


The GM HTML to DOCX plugin enriches the WordPress ecosystem by adding the capability to convert HTML post and page content into professional, editable docx files with ease. Coupled with Gravity Forms and GravityWiz’s Post Content Merge Tags, it offers a powerful solution for automating and personalising document creation for those looking for an HTML to docx solution rather than a docx template-driven solution (which is what GM Templated DOCX provides).

To read about the first release, get answers to common questions, and see a demo in action, head over to the plugin’s dedicated page.

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