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This plugin allows you to display a form's fields and their inputs in confirmation screens while respecting the form's conditional logic, and you can download the output as a document that can be read by Microsoft Word.

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  • Display a form's fields and their inputs in confirmation screens while respecting conditional logic: With the plugin's modified all fields merge tag, you can display the questions in your form, and the answers someone gives to them, while also respecting conditional logic. This means that if someone filling the form doesn't see fields due to conditional logic, those fields won't show when the customised all fields merge tag is used in your confirmation.
  • Choose not to see fields for which there is no input: If questions in your form are optional (rather than required) and someone doesn't answer them, you can choose to exclude those fields from displaying in your confirmation.
  • Show HTML fields: If you're using Gravity Forms to display advice or instructional output that depends on how a person answers questions in a form, the ability to show HTML fields (which will show conditionally depending on a person's answers) is a must. This plugin has an option for that.
  • Download confirmation as Word-readable document: The merge tag also has an option that allows you to download the output in your confirmation screen as a Word-readable document. This allows you to use Gravity Forms to produce downloadable documents that reflect that customised output in your confirmation screens using its modified all fields merge tag.