The GM HTML to DOCX plugin allows you to export WordPress post or page content as a docx file that you can open and edit in Microsoft Word or another application that reads docx files.

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Feature rich

  • Post/page styles will map to individual docx styles: Format your post or page content with the likes of headings, paragraphs, bullet point lists, and numbered lists (with six levels of hierarchical numbering if you're after legal or similar numbering styles), and these will be mapped automatically to individual styles within the generated docx file.
  • Adjust the styles for the docx file: You can adjust these styles by editing a section of the plugin's code or you can change the styles within Word once your document has been created.
  • Use with Gravity Forms and a Gravity Wiz perk for form-based automated document creation: If you're using Gravity Forms as well as the Gravity Wiz perk called "Gravity Forms Post Content Merge Tags" (purchased separately), you can use the GM HTML to DOCX plugin to download the content of a page that a user is taken to on form submission. That page could be a page with static content or, more significantly, it could be a page that is customised by reference to the user's form inputs (using standard Gravity Forms merge tags and, if you want to include content conditionally, Gravity Form's conditional shortcodes). This makes the plugin extremely useful for those who wish to automate document creation and, because the styles have been set by a lawyer who drafts contracts, it's perfect for contract automation.
  • What about on-screen hierarchical ordered lists?: If you want to see hierarchical ordered list numbering in the the post/page editor and in Gravity Forms rich text paragraph fields, be sure to grab the GM Numbering plugin too. The numbering styles you see when adding content will be equivalent to the styles in the docx file.