Imagine a world where your WordPress site could do more than just disseminate information and capture user data. Picture a scenario where, with the same ease you design a form using Gravity Forms, you could automate the creation of complex documents directly within WordPress. No need to export data, no reliance on third-party services, and complete control over your data and documents. This is not a vision of the future. It’s a reality made possible today by GM Templated DOCX.

The game changer: GM Templated DOCX

GM Templated DOCX is a powerful plugin designed to seamlessly integrate with Gravity Forms, transforming WordPress into a document automation powerhouse. It’s the answer for anyone looking to automate or semi-automate their document creation process, whether they work in web development, law, financial services, real estate, education, government, or beyond.

Key features that set GM Templated DOCX apart

  • Template-driven document creation: Use docx templates that you create and can easily customise in Microsoft Word, with placeholders for data captured through Gravity Forms. This means that the documents you generate — be it contracts, reports, personalised letters, education plans, whatever — are styled and formatted to meet your exact requirements.
  • Advanced merging options: The plugin doesn’t just replace placeholders with form data. It offers sophisticated merging capabilities, including conditional content that appears only if certain specified criteria are met, and the ability to populate tables and lists based on form responses. This flexibility ensures that the documents you produce are both accurate and highly tailored to individual needs.
  • Data control and security: Your data remains within your WordPress installation, giving you full control. The plugin supports automatic deletion of merged documents (there’s an option to save or automatically delete them) and can ensure that merged document URLs are accessible only to logged-in users. You can also leverage Gravity Forms’ data retention policies to keep your form entries database lean by automatically deleting entries after a specified time.
  • Harness the Gravity Forms ecosystem: Because GM Templated DOCX is an add-on for Gravity Forms, you can harness the power of the best forms plugin for WordPress and its surrounding ecosystem. From regular, multistep, and conversational forms, to requiring payment for document builds, to limiting form access to logged in users, there’s no limit to what you can do.

Empowering users with flexibility and efficiency

The beauty of GM Templated DOCX lies in its ability to make document automation accessible to everyone. You don’t need to be a developer or have deep technical knowledge. If you can create a form with Gravity Forms and edit a document in Microsoft Word, you can automate document creation with GM Templated DOCX.

Range of applications

The potential uses for GM Templated DOCX are vast. For example:

  • website designers can use it to create automation solutions for their clients
  • lawyers can automate the creation of contracts and other legal documents or processes, and productise their legal services
  • financial services organisations can automate the creation of onboarding documents, loan agreements, and other commonly used artefacts
  • real estate agents can use it to automate the creation of lease and purchase agreements
  • educational institutions can use it to automate the creation of enrolment forms, reports, and class plans, and
  • government agencies can use it to automate applications, reports, and commonly used contracts.

The possibilities are endless.

Conclusion: Transforming WordPress into a document automation machine

GM Templated DOCX opens up a new realm of possibilities for WordPress users. It bridges the previous gap in the WordPress/Gravity Forms ecosystem between online data collection and document creation, offering a streamlined, secure, and efficient way to automate the creation of documents. By keeping everything within WordPress, it ensures ease of use, data privacy, and full control over the document automation process.

Imagine the efficiency gains, the time saved, and the reduction in errors. With GM Templated DOCX, that imagination becomes a tangible reality, transforming WordPress from a content management system into a document and advice automation machine.

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